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Mobile: 07875 546330
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FREE Diagnostics
Over 20 Years Experience
Most Jobs - Same Day
Welcome to our website. We have been repairing computers and laptops in the KIngston Upon Thames area for over 20 years.
Our philosophy is and always has been to do a professional repair at a fair price, and in a timely manner, and above all, to always communicate with the customer.
Rest assured that our advice will always be up to date and honest.
Some of the brands we have worked on over the years
Acer - Advent - Alienware - Asrock - Asus - Compaq - Dell - Emachine - Epson - Everex - FSC - Fujitsu - Gateway - Gigabyte - Hannspree - Higrade - HP - Hyrican - IBM Impression - Infinity - Insys - Iqon - Itautec Jetway - Jooyon - Kohjinsha - Kouziro Kraftway - Ksystems - Lanix - Lenovo - LG Matech - Maxdata - Mecer - Medion- Mesh Mitac - Mouse - MSI - NEC - Nokia - Olidata Onkyo - Oqo - Panasonic - Paradigit - PBell - Philco - Positivo Powerspec - Qbex - Quanmax - RM - PLC - Rover - Samsung - SEMP - Seneca - Sharp - Sony - Stone - Synnex - Systemax Targa - Tarox - TCL Tongfang - Toshiba Trigem -Twinhead - Volocity - Vestel - Viliv - VSonic - WDCorp - Wortmann Xplore - Zoostorm - ZT
makes of laptops
We Keep Our Prices Down
No minimum charges or hidden costs and If we can't fix, then NO FEE.
The sign on our repair shop says, 'Most Repairs', £40 or less, and that's what we aim for.
How Hard Drives Work & What Can Go Wrong!
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The hard drive in your laptop is where the data/information is stored. This data is made up of the OS (operating system) and personal files that you have created. These files can be documents or images or emails, plus other work that you may have saved over a period.
When the OS goes wrong, it can be caused by a failure in the hard drive, or by the operating system itself.
The operating system will usually be a version of Microsoft Windows, WinXp (home or professional version) or win media edition on the older systems, with Microsoft Visa (6 versions), Microsoft Windows 7 (6 versions) and Microsoft Win8 (2 versions) on the new systems.
Mac computers and laptops have one of the Mac operating systems.
We know exactly what to do, and in what order, and can do it effortlessly and with efficiency.
The Click Of Death In A Harddrive
Sometimes the first a customer knows that their harddrive has failed is the loss of data accompanied by a continuous clicking noise.
Engineers call this the 'Click of Death' and its a problem that happens very frequently.
Below is a video (not made by us) that shows exactly what causes the 'Click of Death'.
The chap talking does mention 'freezing' or 'hitting' the hard drive as a solution, but this is something we would never recommend or do. Years ago, there was some small successes, using these methods, but newer hard drives are a different thing altogether, although the problems are caused by the same component failures within the hard drive.
33 Cambridge Road - Kingston Upon Thames - Surrey - KT1 3NQ
- If a quote from another repair shop seems excessive then it probably is -
- Call us for an honest price and a great turnaround on repairs -
Mobile: 07875 546330
We diagnose problems while you wait and it' a FREE Service.
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Unlike many laptop and computer repair shops, where they take your laptop or PC to the back or hide it behind a counter while they check it out, We always do the initial diagnostics up front and in front of you.
Often a customers laptop or pc will get better on the way to our repair shop. When this happens we charge nothing,
Sometime what's seems like a catastrophic breakage can be fixed in a simple way.
Opening Times 9.30 till 5.30
Mobile: 07875 546330
How To Find US
We are located at 33 Cambridge Road - Kingston Upon Thames - Surrey - KT1 3NQ
Cambridge Road, runs from London Road towards New Malden and we are just past the Cambridge Estate on the opposite side of Cambridge road, going towards New Malden.
Bus 131 travels from Kingston Town Center (opposite McDonalds) and
the nearest stop to us is called 'Cambridge Grove'.
Heading Away From Kingston Towards New Malden
Some Typical Repairs
Virus Removal - Hinge Replacement - LCD Repair or Replacement
Fan Servicing or Replacement - Keyboard Repair and Replacement
Data Recovery from Memory Sticks, Pen drives, flash drives, etc.
Software Installation - CD, DVD, Replacement
DC Power Socket Repair and Replacement
Data Recovery - Power Supply Replacement
Hard Drive Replacement and Upgrade
Reinstallation of Operating System (Windows or Mac OS)
All of Our Data Recovery methods are NON-INVASIVE and We have a high rate of success
Other Computer & Laptop Repair Shops
We qre not and never have been afraid of honest competition
Below is a link to a directory of other Computer & Laptop Repair Shops in all areas of the UK
UK Computer Repair Services

We Also Repair Mobile Phones

Our repairs can include glass screen and LCD replacement, water damage diagnosis, headphone jack replacements, fixing your phone's home button, battery upgrades, camera replacements, rear housing and bodywork repair, audio issues, wifi and signal connectivity problems and many more.
Please Call On: Mobile: 07875 546330
We know that It's nothing to do with computer or laptop problems and repairs, but we thought that some interesting facts about Kingston Upon Thames might interest some visitors to our website.
Kingston upon Thames is the principal settlement of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in southwest London. Though it now lies outside the borders of the County of Surrey, Kingston remains the location of the administrative headquarters of Surrey County Council. Kingston has had many names in the past, Cyninges tun in 838, Chingestune in 1086, Kingeston in 1164, then Kyngeston super Tamisiam in 1321 and Kingestowne upon Thames in 1589.
Guided Walks Of Historic Kingston seems to be quite interesting for those inclined.
Kingston upon Thames formed an ancient parish in the Kingston hundred of Surrey. The parish of Kingston upon Thames covered a large area including Hook, Kew, New Malden, Petersham, Richmond, Surbiton, Thames Ditton and East Molesey.
The town of Kingston was granted a charter by King John in 1200, but the oldest one to survive is from 1208 and this document is housed in the town's archives. Other charters were issued by later kings, including Edward IV's charter that gave the town the status of a borough in 1481. The borough covered a much smaller area than the ancient parish, although as new parishes were split off the borough and parish eventually became identical in 1894.

Kingston was built at the first crossing point of the Thames upstream from London Bridge and a bridge still exists at the same site. Kingston was occupied by the Romans, and later it was either a royal residence or a royal demesne. In the Domesday Book it was held by William the Conqueror. Its domesday assets were: a church, five mills, four fisheries worth 10s, 27 ploughs, 40 acres (160,000 m2) of meadow, woodland worth six hogs. It rendered £31 10s (£31.5).

The Lovekyn Chapel

In 1730 the chapel containing the royal effigies collapsed, burying the sexton, who was digging a grave, the sexton's daughter and another person.

The daughter survived this accident and was her father's successor as sexton. Another chapel, the collegiate chapel of St Mary Magdalene, The Lovekyn Chapel, still exists.It was founded in 1309 by a former mayor of London, Edward Lovekyn. It is the only private chantry chapel to survive the Reformation.

The Lovekyn Chapel
hmv dog Nipper, the famous "His Master's Voice" (HMV) dog, is buried in the town under Lloyds Bank. His owners lived nearby in Fife Road. Kingston .
Green Fair was held annually from 1987 to 2008 in Canbury Gardens, next to the river, on the Spring Bank Holiday. The word "Green" in the title refers to the ethos of the fair as promoting sustainable development. For instance no meat or other products derived from dead animals were allowed to be sold, and no electricity was permitted on the site unless generated by wind, sun, or bicycle power.
pc tower
FREE Diagnostics
Over 20 Years Experience
Most Jobs - Same Day
Reinstall Windows - all versions
Xp - Vista - Win7 - Win8
32 bit & 64 bit
Win 10 all versions
Always Genuine Copies
I will back up and restore a reasonable amount of data free of charge when I do a reinstall of Windows .
Allso Reinstall MAC Os -- all versions
Always Genuine Copies
I will back up and restore a reasonable amount of data FREE of charge when I do a reinstall of MAC OS
Data Recovery - Any Amount
From Any Source
If I can't recover - then NO FEE
Data / Pen drives repaired and Data Recovery
Password Retrievals usually done while you wait
If you forget your bios or windows password, I can usually recover it very quickly, often while you wait.
Dc Socket Replacement
If your laptop has no power (is dead) then the problem is likely to be either the charger itself (which we will test for FREE) or the actual socket that the charger plugs into.
DC socket
Often the solder has melted on the motherboard, or the DC socket has broken inside the laptop after a fall. Sometimes a Burning smell and / or smoke will come from the point where the charger is plugged in to the laptop.
DC socket2
Fear not, even when burnt as in the image above, the socket can usually be repaired in a timely manner, and cost effectively.
Laptop LCD repairs
Whatever the make of Laptop, the screen will normally be one of three types, LCD, CCFL. or LED.
Should you be experiencing problems with your screen then we will ascertain which screen type, and also if it is in fact the screen that is at fault. A faulty screen usually have 1 of 4 faults.
The actual screen itself could be faulty and if its actually cracked, then that is normally the only fault. Simplicity to fix.
The inverter could be faulty, and we have specialist tools to check the inverter. Inverters are usually not that expensive to buy so again, usually an affordable repair.
The screen cable from the motherboard could be broken or at fault which is also usually an affordable repair.
Sometimes the actual graphics chip on the motherboard could be at fault or even burnt out. With this particular problem, the cost of repair must be balanced against the actual worth of the laptop when repaired. We will always offer honest and up front advice.
Hard Drive and Pen Drive Data Recovery
hard drive
Most hard drives have disks, known as platters inside, and this is where the OS and data is stored. It is recorded magnetically in the same way that a tape recorder, adds audio to a tape with magnetic recording heads.
Over the years, we have perfected systems for recovering data from most devices, in a safe non volatile way.
Trying To Fix A Hard Drive Yourself
Sometimes when a hard drive stops working correctly, the temptation to take it apart and have a look inside is overwhelming. Here is a short video (not made by us) that explains just one reason why this is not a good idea.
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